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We are a producer of lucerne small square bales for horses. Our property is located in the rich, fertile, peat soils of Cora Lynn. Our lucerne is grown, cut, cured and baled on the property or sourced locally when required.

  • Lucerne Small Squares
  • Pasture grass small squares
  • Pasture grass rounds
  • Contract baling

Please check my Facebook page or contact me for availability and prices, as this varies throughout the year.

Delivery can be arranged within the Melbourne South East area based on a min order qty.


Lucerne Hay

Lucerne Grading

Lucerne hay can be tricky to produce. It needs to be cured quickly to retain its color, and then baled at the right humidity(often late at night), to prevent the precious leaves from shattering & turning to dust! This requires a lot of co-operation from the weather. As weather doesn't always co-operate, we have a grading system so you know what you are buying.

Grade Description
Prime Our horse quality Lucerne - baled at the ideal stage of growth, dried quickly with no weather damage. Plenty of color and leaf. When all the planets align this is what results!
Stock May contain some weeds, may have some bleaching or quality loss due to rain or dew. Still acceptable feed for most stock(ie. cows, sheep, goats etc.)
Mulch Generally dusty or mould affected bales - not suitable for most stock but great for the garden.

I do my best to grade the bales as above but cannot inspect every bale individually! If for whatever reason you are supplied with a bale/s not fitting the grade you purchased please contact me and I will be happy to replace them or sort it out.